Thursday, 22 September 2011

We are here!

It seems like we were planning to come to Zambia for ages, and now we are here. The last few weeks were very busy and we are grateful to so many people who made it possible for us to be ready in time.
We arrived to an overcast, windy Lusaka and were picked up by Marts and Amanda Rider and were taken for a much needed coffee and onto the house where are staying. I am almost reluctant to put up photos of where we are staying because it is so nice. 

I sit on the verandah in the morning and am joined by the 2 dogs who live here, I drink coffee and pinch myself!
The views are lovely as we are quite high up.

Our days are not all relaxing, we are learning to find our way about Lusaka, where to shop, where to drink coffee, gradually we are recognising places.
In between the shopping and drinking coffee, I have had time to pray. There are real challenges ahead: Lusaka is full of Churches, why would Zambians come to a small Church plant like the one with which we are involved? How will we meet people? How do we build in such a way that the poor are welcome from the start and feel they belong.

God has directed me to Isaiah 40:18. What are our limitations and obstacles compared to our mighty God?

I am praying for 4 things regarding the Church plant in Lusaka.

  • Team from the start
  • Remember the poor from the start
  • Manifest presence of God from the start
  • A supernatural people from the start.

I hope to blog again soon with more pictures and news of what we are doing.

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