Wednesday, 5 October 2011

It’s been just over 2 weeks since we arrived in Lusaka and patterns are beginning to emerge. We have landmarks by which we navigate, these tend to be shopping places, although we also drive past the President’s Palace sometimes, there is also a road with a wall covered in Omo posters. We are making friends and can now put faces to names we have heard about.
Last Sunday, (2nd October) We had the first Sunday meeting of the Lusaka Church plant. A group had been meeting on alternate Tuesdays for some time, but last Sunday was a first.
What was it like? There were 13 of us, 7 English and 6 Zambians, we worshipped in English, Bemba (one of many Zambian languages) but more importantly we worshipped in harmony. Not just because Zambians harmonise brilliantly anyway, but there was a harmony of purpose; we want to see a Church built that is defined by the presence of God, made up of people of all ages, all social backgrounds and from many nations, enjoying God’s grace with a confidence that God keeps his promises Psalm 2:8.
We face challenges, we need to find somewhere more permanent to live, we need to have permission to stay in the country, and we need to sort out some transport. At times these seem very big issues, let alone seeing a Church built and we can feel dwarfed.

This morning I was praying and I felt God speak to me. The God who has established an eternal dwelling place for His Children can provide houses. The God who has given permission to dwell in His presence forever can manage the permits we need to stay in Zambia. The God who carried Israel on Eagle’s wings can arrange our transport.
We would value prayer over these areas and for wisdom on how we should use our time. There is a temptation to do anything rather than wait to see what our Heavenly Father is doing, please pray for opportunities to meet Zambians, share our lives with them and serve the Church.

I have been listening to a Paul Oakley song Jerichos which puts into words how we feel.

We have also had the opportunity to see some of the beautiful places in Zambia. Last Friday we drove to the Lower Zambezi with some friends. It was a wonderful experience to see hippos and elephants and crocodiles in the wild and build friendships with the people God is joining us to.


  1. Good to hear your update Chris. Glad you are both safe and well, and waiting on God. We pray that you will see things as He sees them, and shows you the good works He has prepared for you to do.


  2. Hi Chris - new glasses from Specsavers. Thinking of you. How is the hunt for a car and visa progressing?